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About me

I have always loved health diet and fitness and pushing myself to achieve what feels like the unachievable. My background is gym and outdoor based weight training,long distance running and high intensity circuits and tabata.

One of my passions is running and I have competed in many marathons and half marathons which has taken me all over the world from New York to Paris and of course not forgetting my home town Brighton. This has helped me to raise money for charity’s close to my heart.

I love living in Brighton and we are lucky to have some great hills, beach’s, steps and green spaces to workout in. I also work in the Stables boxing gym where I have weekly classes. It is a great non pretentious get down and dirty gym with no posers just girls and guys giving it 100%. I want to help you achieve your goals and change your lifestyle, to kick those bad habits and be happy and healthy.


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